Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brianna Barle Birth 3/26/07

March 26, 2007 was a special day. We gave birth to our daughter Brianna Barle. After a long labor and poor progress, a C-section was performed. Brianna was born around 4:28 pm weighing in at 7 # 14 ounces, and 18 inches long. It was a very scary time for us. She had some difficulty breathing and had some anomolies. She was born with dislocated hips, knees, and a cleft palate. We were held for 48 hours at our local hospital and then transfered to the University of Michigan NICU. There every test was run on baby Brianna. She was later diagnosed with Larsens Syndrome.

This is an embryonic connective tissue disorder that occurs during gestation. Larsen Syndrome can be inherited as an autosomal dominant or recessive trait. It is characterized by multiple dislocations of the major joints, deformities of the feet and hands, abnormal segmentation of the spine, and by an unusual facial appearance which include a flat nasal bridge, wide-spaced eyes, and a prominent forehead.